• Where the Emerald Isle meets the Boot.

What do Italian trattorias, Irish pubs, and medieval monasteries have in common? All represent meeting and gathering places for both celebration and respite. While monasteries fostered the art of beer and wine making, trattorias and pubs became the places of choice in which to consume them.

All these come together in the Pub Italia experience. This restaurant and bar is the product, culturally speaking of an Irish and Italian marriage. Pub Italia is the perfect place where you can enjoy Italian cuisine while browsing the Beer Bible for your favourite drink.

Growing up on Preston Street in the heart of Ottawa’s Little Italy, Joe Cotroneo (owner and operator of Pub Italia) felt the constant embrace of a close-knit community with its thriving family-owned businesses. He often dreamt about being one of those proprietors and having the pleasure of welcoming the community into his very own business on Preston Street.

It finally happened when he opened the doors to Pub Italia in August 1994. Canada’s first Italian Pub reflects Joe’s strong Italian roots and those of his Irish wife, Rosemary Casey McLewin. Pub Italia therefore represents the perfect marriage between an Italian trattoria and an Irish pub with its combination of wonderful pizza and pasta dishes, and an incredible selection of over 200 beers.

In bringing his concept together, Joe wanted to create an atmosphere that was cosy and warm – characteristics that he saw as fundamental to both Irish pubs and Italian trattorias. But he also wanted his Italian pub to have a truly unique look and feel. When Joe learned of the role medieval monasteries played in the making of beer and wine, the final piece of the puzzle was found. The unique décor of Pub Italia provides an inviting atmosphere to relax and leave all of your worldly troubles at the door.

So come in and enjoy the Pub Italia experience!